Eton College Library Trip 2017

On Tuesday November 28 the Bibliomaniacs visited Eton college library to see the Gutenberg bible and many other books such as a Quran from Spain, a Muslim country in the Fourteenth century before becoming Catholic under the reign of Eleanor Castille. Furthermore we saw the first images seen under a microscope. Lastly we were invited to see Eton's newest exhibition about travel. We saw a mini model of the Beagle, which was the ship Darwin was on when he create of evolution. However I think that we were most enjoyed to see the hidden doorway behind the bookshelves leading up toward the book storage. After we visited the library, we went to a nearby cafe and had some drinks!

Eton 2015 trip

On Tuesday the 4th of November, the Bibliomaniacs visited Eton College Library. Dr Coane, the Assistant Librarian, showed them a collection of British, German and Chinese maps and Atlases dating from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, as well as And Eton’s collection of ancient charters. They also saw many interesting incunabula (books published before 1501) in an exhibition about the Venetian printer Aldus Manutius, probably the most famous printer in the 15th century apart from Gutenberg. However, the highlight was being able to view Eton’s copy of the Gutenberg bible itself with its illumination in the Erfurt style and its marvellous contemporary binding. Retiring to the Windsor Chocolate Theatre Café, the Bibliomaniacs reflected on another triumphant outing.