Eton college library trip 2019

On the 29th October 2019 the bibliomaniacs embarked on their annual trip to Eton College library. When we were in the library, we were shown a lovely collection of signed books from their collection, as we also are focusing on signed books at the moment. We were shown a copy of the Odyssey which was signed by collatini. We also were shown a copy of animal farm, signed by Orwell himself. We also looked at a James bond book which was signed by Fleming. We also looked at some slightly more creepier books considering Halloween was near. We were then shown their exhibition about where you go after death, and generally about death. We were then taken to see the choir book, which was the book which many choristers would sing from. Those choristers would have to be highly skilled as in the choir book of you get lost, it is almost impossible to get back to the place you need to be. After we finished our tour, our head bibliomaniac gave a brilliant speech to thank the people who have showed use everything, as it was his last year and last visit over many years. Finally we rounded up in our traditional way, by going to Tudors , to have some tasty milkshakes.